If you’re waiting to get motivated before you decide to get fitter then you’re going to be waiting a long time!

That’s just not how it works.

First you take Action, and you do it even if you don’t want to. Then you’ll start getting Results. From the results you’ll get Motivated.

ARM yourself! Action – Results - Motivation.

That’s how I got into fitness years ago. And now I absolutely love it! But it does more for me than keep my body and mind healthy and happy. Fitness brings me joy. And I want to spread some of that joy.

I’m fed up with normal people being overlooked & under represented by a Fitness Industry obsessed with unrealistic body imagery, particularly on social media. Celeb money-makers selling you short to make their next buck by promoting quick ‘fixes’, fad diets, overcomplicated fitness routines; misinformation and disinformation about exercise and food that leave you so confused that you don’t know where to start. So, you don’t start. Or you start something that you have to stop because it’s just not sustainable.

But youthful glamorous, airbrushed fitness models enhanced through professional photography & lighting training fulltime for a living isn’t real life.

Real life is dragging the kids out of bed to get them to school whilst throwing breakfast down their necks, scraping a hair brush through your hair whilst you get the lunchboxes ready, to screech off in the car chucking them out at the school gate, to race to work just about on time to put your mascara on in the loo, eating a bowl of cereal over your keyboard whilst turning the camera off on your Zoom call so they can’t see the eyes rolling in the back of your head, to have 20mins to grab a Tesco meal-deal lunch, chocolate bar along with tonight’s dinner that somehow you have to whip up into some delicious plate that pleases everyone. By the time you’ve done that, and the kids are in bed it’s 8pm and now you still have to find time to exercise, fight the flab and tone the batwings!

Yeah…pass the wine!

But, hey, you do kinda need to make the time to look after yourself; if you don’t look after you, then you can’t look after anyone else.

And to me, fitness is about you.

Your health. Looking after your body & mind cos no one else can do it for you. And, sure, being fit can make you look better, but it absolutely will make you FEEL better.

What fitness absolutely shouldn’t be is about is making people feel intimidated or alienated by imagery of bodies that are unattainable for most of us, or bombarding people with disinformation & misinformation for profit, or over-whelming people or making people feel stupid so they feel like they just can’t. And then don’t.

Fitness should feel fabulous and fun– no matter who you are, how old, how fit you already are, how much you know or don’t know about exercise.

I wanted to cut through all the noise & create a safe space away from all the money-makers & hype.

So you can find your fit.

And that’s why I created Claire Results where you can be you, not them.